Major EventsEdit

Barney & FriendsEdit

Season 3 (1995)Edit

[1]1. Shawn & the Beanstalk (2/27/1995)[2]2. If the Shoe Fits... (2/28/1995)[3]3. Room for Everyone (3/1/1995)[4]4. I Can Be a Firefighter! (3/2/1995)[5]5. Shopping for a Surprise! (3/3/1995)[6]6. Anyway You Slice It (3/6/1995)[7]7. Twice Is Nice! (3/7/1995)[8]8. On the Move (3/8/1995)[9]9. A Welcome Home (3/9/1995)[10]10. Classical Cleanup (3/10/1995)[11]11. Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends (3/13/1995)[12]12. Gone Fishing! (3/14/1995)[13]13. At Home with Animals (3/15/1995)[14]14. It's Raining, It's Pouring... (3/16/1995)[15]15. Camera Safari (3/17/1995)[16]16. Who's Who on the Choo Choo? (10/2/1995)[17]17. Are We There Yet? (10/3/1995)[18]18. Ship, Ahoy! (10/4/1995)[19]19. Hats Off to BJ! (10/5/1995)[20]20. Up We Go! (10/6/1995) Add a photo to this gallery==Cast & CrewEdit==



Executive Producers

  • Sheryl Leach 
  • Dennis DeShzer 


  • Mckee Smith 


  • Jim Rowley 
  • Bruce Deck 


  • Mark S. Bernthal 
  • Mitch Lobrovich 
  • Rebecca Self Snider 
  • Stephen White

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