Airplanes is the first part of the 2nd episode from "Season 10" of Barney & Friends, and the second part of the 19th episode from "Season 14" of "Barney & Friends. It first aired on PBS in the United States, and Canada Tuesday, September 19, 2006, and It first aired on PBS in the United States, and Canada on Monday, November 1, 2010.


BJ shows off his brand toy airplane to the park. But when Riff takes BJ's toy plane apart, and can't fix it, BJ helps put it back together.



  • Barney
  • BJ
  • Riff
  • David (Emilio Mazur)
  • Danny (Darrak White)‎
  • Madision (debut)
  • Riley (debut)


  1. Barney Theme Song (Season 10 version)
  2. Hey, Look at Me! I Can Fly!
  3. How Does This Thing Work?
  4. Flying in a Plane (Scene Taken from a video clip about people fly airplanes)
  5. The Airplane Song
  6. A Friend Like You (Season 10 version)
  7. I Love You (Season 14 version)


  • This episode marks the first appearances of Danny (Darrak White)‎, Madison, and Riley.
  • In this episode, Riff is crying because he says about saying sorry to BJ, and he wanted to see how BJ's toy airplane works, so he takes it part, and because of that, he can't put it back together again.
  • This results in a little tantrum, forcing Riff unhappy complaining that he takes BJ's toy plane apart, and he is not be able to put it back together.
  • When Riff starts to walk over the picnic table after crying about the BJ's toy plane, the broken toy airplane with too much broken pieces all over, under, and on BJ's face holds up.
  • This is another time that Time Lapse is used. It's when BJ showed Riff how to put together his toy airplane after it takes it apart.
  • This episode is included in the Barney & Friends episode video "Planes, Trains & Cars".

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