Arthur is a American/Canadian animated television series that airs on PBS. It is based on the children's books of the same name by Marc Tolon Brown. Production began by WGBH Boston and CINAR in 1994, and the first season premiered on Spetember 2, 1996.


Marc Brown was approached by Carol Greenwald of WGBH Boston in early 1994 if he would be interested in adapting his books into an animated television series that would use the medium of television to encourage kids to read. Brown reluctantly agreed. The series has been produced by WGBH Boston for all 18 seasons, CINAR for its first eight, Cookie Jar Group for the next seven, and currently 9 Story Entertainment.


The show takes place in the fictional American city of Elwood City. It is unknown which state Elwood is located in, but it is within driving distance of Washington D.C. and the beach, and it snows frequently in the winter there,so it may be West Virginia or even Massachusetts. The show focuses on eight year old anthromorphic aardvark Arthur Timothy Read, his friends, and his family. All characters on the show are anthromorphic animals, however, they also own pets such as dogs and cats which appear like they would in the real world and the anthromorphic animals are considered and constantly referred to as humans.


Main article:list of Arthur characters


Michael Yarmush...Arthur Read(Seasons 1-5;Arthur's Perfect Christmas)/Slink(Seasons 9-present) Justin Bradley...Arthur Read(Season 6) Mark Rendall...Arthur Read(Seasons 7-8;Season 6 redub;Arthur,It's Only Rock n Roll) Cameron Ansell...Arthur Read(Seasons 9-11) Dallas Jokic...Arthur Read(Seasons 12-15) Drew Adkins...Arthur Read(Seasons 16-present) Michael Caloz...D.W. Read(Seasons 1-3) Oliver Grainger...D.W. Read(Seasons 4-6;Arthur's Perfect Christmas) Jason Szwimer...D.W. Read(Seasons 7-10;Arthur,It's Only Rock n Roll) Robert Naylor...D.W. Read(Seasons 11-15) Jake Beale...D.W. Read(Seasons 16-present) Bruce Dinsmore...Binky Barnes/David 'Dad' Read/Bailey Sonja Ball...Jane 'Mom' Read/Quackers Daniel 'Danny' Brochu...Buster Baxter/Pepe Jodie Resther...Francine Frensky Melissa Altro...Muffy Crosswire Luke Reid...Brain Powers(Seasons 1-4) Steven Crowder...Brain Powers(Seasons 5-6;Arthur's Perfect Christmas) Alex Hood...Brain Powers(Seasons 7-9;Arthur,It's Only Rock n Roll) Paul-Stuart Brown...Brain Powers(Seasons 9-11) Lyle O'Donohoe...Brain Powers(Seasons 12-15) Siam Yu...Brain Powers(Seasons 16-present) Arthur Holden...Mr. Ratburn/Bionic Bunny Walter Massey...Mr. Haney/Mr. Marco(Seasons 1-17;His death.Unknown if he will be replaced or not.) Bronwen Mantel...Mrs. MacGrady Joanna Noyes...Grandma Thora A.J. Henderson...Grandpa Dave/Ed Crosswire Jonathan Koensgen...Tommy Tibble(Seasons 1-6;Arthur's Perfect Christmas;Arthur,It's Only Rock n Roll) Aaron Grunfeld...Tommy Tibble(Seasons 7-8) Tyler Brody-Stein...Tommy Tibble(Season 9)/Timmy Tibble(Seasons 10-11) Ryan Tilson...Tommy Tibble(Seasons 10-11) Jake Roseman...Tommy Tibble(Seasons 12-13) Jake Sim...Tommy Tibble(Seasons 14-17) Ricky Mabe...Timmy Tibble(Seasons 1-5;Arthur's Perfect Christmas) Samuel Holden...Timmy Tibble(Seasons 6-9;Arthur,It's Only Rock n Roll) Chris Lortie...Timmy Tibble(Seasons 12-13) Dakota Goyo...Timmy Tibble(Seasons 14-15)

  • Jacob Ewaniuk...Timmy Tibble(Seasons 16-present)


  • Created by Marc Brown
  • Based on the ARTHUR Adventure books by Marc Brown
  • Micheline Charest...executive producer(1996-1999)
  • Carol Greenwald...executive producer(1996-2003;2008-present)/executive-in-charge(2004-2007)
  • Peter Moss...executive producer(2000-2001)
  • Andrew Porporino...executive producer(2002)/financial director(1999-2001)/production accountant(1997-1999)
  • Lesley Taylor...executive producer(2003-2007)/producer(2000-2002)/line producer(1996-1999)
  • Toper Taylor...executive producer(2004-2012)
  • Pierre Valette...executive producer(2004-2012)/senior producer(2003)/producer(2002)/supervising executive(2001)

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