1. FBI Warning Screen

2. Interpol Warning Screen

3. Hit Entertainment Logo [Worldwide] [2001-2006]

4. Barney Home Video Logo [1995-present]

5. Barney Developments Promo

6. Barney and Friends Intro [Season 8 Version]

7. Title Card

Closing [Long Version]

1. End Credits

2. The Barney Boogie Music Video

3. Barney Fundings

4. Barney and Friends Intro [Season 7 Version]

5. Title Card

6. Barney Three Lines Three Corners Full Episode

7. To Learn More About Barney and Friends Visit PBS Online at

8. Barney Share Your Smile/Cover Your Sneeze. Please

9. End Credits

10. Hit Entertainment Logo [2001-2006]

11. Connecticut Public Television Logo

12. Barney Fundings

13. PBS Kids Dot Logo [2000]

14. The Wiggles; Cold Spaghetti Western Trailer

15. The Wiggles; Top of the Tots Trailer

16. Kipper; Water Play Trailer

17. Barney; Movin and Groovin Trailer

18. Let's Pretend with Barney Trailer

19. Hit Entertainment Logo [Worldwide] [2001-2006]

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