Fernando "Ferny" Toro also known as Uncle Ferny is the son of Don Toro and his late wife/partner, the best friend of Piggley Winks and Dannan O'Mallard and is the deuteragonist of Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks. He is voiced by Russi Taylor.

Ferny's Bio



Ferny's enthusiasm for new experience and his deep admiration for Piggley make him a loyal, eager, trustworthy and devoted friend. He's an innocent, strong fun-loving twelve-year-old who is cautious but curious. He likes speaking Spanish with his dad Don Toro and enjoys making his own songs (in fact it's his favourite music). Ferny sees the good in everyone and everything.

Uncle Ferny's Bio


Uncle Ferny

Young Ferny all grown up, Uncle Ferny is still a very close and dear friend of Piggley's. Ferny stayed in Ireland when Grandpa Piggley came to America and still enjoys singing songs using his imagination.


  • His favourite game is Hide and Seek.
  • His favourite music is his own songs.
  • His favourite food is everything.
  • His favourite color is Blue.

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