Whyatt checks his phone about his friends are eating at the picnic. then, Peter Piper came with his peppers. "Hum, I love pickle peppers." then, Red takes one of Peter Piper's peppers. "Red, what are you doing?" Peter Piper asked. Red is eating red pepper. now Peter Piper is upset because Red eats one of his peppers. "But these are my peppers!" shouted Peter Piper. Peter Piper is mad and runs away. "Can't just eat one of my peppers, Red." Whyatt asked Red what's wrong. "Red, what wrong?" asked Whyatt. "Peter Piper is really mad at me from eating one of his peppers." she said. "What should I do?" so Whyatt makes Red have her problem. The Super Readers went to Hansel and Gretel storybook. about Hansel and Gretel eat one of the witch's candy. of Alphabet, Spelling and change the story to save the day. Red thinks she needs to "Ask First" befire she eats his peppers. Peter Piper sits behind the tree because Red eats one of his peppers. "Peter," said Red. "I'm sorry I toke one of your peppers." Red is happy about asking. so Whyatt and his friends are dancing. That's the end of Hansel and Gretel.

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