Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks or simply Jakers! in Europe is a American/British/Irish animated children's television series that broadcast from 2003-2008.


The series centres around a pig named Piggley Winks who tells his grandchildren about his childhood on his family's farm in 1950s in the village of Tara in Ireland, the adventures he got up to with his friends Dannan O'Mallard a duck and Ferny Toro a bull and his rivalry with Hector MacBadger a badger.

Each episode featured a subplot featuring a sheep named Wiley who was the only member of his flock that could talk (until his mate Shirley) making him believe that he is their natural leader. Wiley's plot would also collide with Piggley's as he is the sheep's shepherd.

International Broadcasts

  • USA - PBS Kids (2003-2006), Qubo (2012-present)
  • UK - CBeebies
  • Ireland - RTE

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