Kipper was on PBS Kids from 1999 to 2004.


Nelvana (1999-present)

Golden Corral (2000-2002)

Applebee's (1999-2001)

Pier 1 Imports (2002-2004)

Toys R Us (1999-2004)

Best Buy (2004)

Wendy's (1999-2002)

Target (1999-2003)

Rue 21 (2004)

Petco (2003-2004)

Nintendo (1999-2000)

Starbucks Coffee (2001-2003)

Crayola (1999-2004)

Bass Pro Shops (2001-2002)

UPS Poastal Service (2002)

GameStop (2002-2004)

Delta Airlines (1999-2004)

Sam's Club (2002-2003)

Walmart (2001-2002)

Kohl's (2001-2004)

Pollo Tropical (2000)

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting

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