These were the station idents used from 2008-2014. These idents are still used on some stations.

Beach (2008-2013)

Dash inspects a shell that has a crab in it that grabs onto his nose.  Dot dosent help. Was used by NJN in Trenton and Arizona Public Television (KUAT) in Tuscon.

Bathtub (2009)

Dash plays with a submarine in a bathtub. Was used by NJN in Trenton, Arizona Public Media (KUAT) in Tuscon and WNET in Newark/New York

Cave (2010-present)

Dash goes into a cave under a table.

Skipping Rocks (2009-present)

Dot feels sad because she can't make any rocks skip in the water. Dash then gives her the rocks he would thow. The station logo then shows up. Was used by NJN in Jackson NJ, WHYY in Philadelphia, WVIZ in Cleveland, and KLVX in Las Vegas.

Boxing (2010-present)

Dot and Dash play in a box. Was used in WGBH in Boston, NJTV, NJN, WNED in Buffalo, Arizona Pubic Media (KUAT) in Tuscon, WQED in Pittsburgh and WNET in Newark/New York

Orbit (2008-Present)

Dash throws a ball and imagines that it is a rocket ship with him inside it.

Binoculars (2010-Present)

Dot and Dash look through binoculars at their house until they look at each other. They then start laughing and the station logo is seen.

Airplane (2010-Present)

Dot and Dash travel through different countries and pretend they see different types of cities and they pretend to fly a plane around. Was used from WLIW Garden City, NY and KACV Amarillo, TX.

WLIW (2014)

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