These were the station idents used from 2008-2014. These idents are still used on some stations.

Station List

Iowa Public TV: Skipping Rocks

KACV in Amarillo: Airplane

KLRU in Austin: Cave

KLVX in Las Vegas: Skipping Rocks

KUAT in Tuscon: Beach, Bathtub, Binoculars, Cave, Boxing, Orbit, Sunrise

KVCR in Palm Springs/San Bernadino (Los Angeles): Skipping Rocks

New Jersey Network/New Jersey TV: Beach, Bathtub, Cave, Boxing, Orbit, Airplane, Sunrise, Skipping Rocks

Vermont Public Television: Skipping Rocks

WCMU in Traverse City: Cave

WGBH in Boston: Boxing

WGBY in Springfield, MA: Skipping Rocks

WHYY in Philadelphia: Airplane, Cave, Skipping Rocks

WLIW in Hempstead (New York City): Airplane

WNED in Buffalo: Boxing

WNET in New York City: Bathtub, Boxing

WTTW in Chicago: Skipping Rocks

WVIZ in Cleveland: Skipping Rocks

WYES in New Orleans: Beach, Bathtub, Skipping Rocks, Boxing, Binoculars

Idaho Public Television: Beach, Bathtub, Skipping Rocks, Boxing, Biplane, Rocketship, Sunrise, Picnic, Cave

WPBT in Miami: Countryside, Local

Louisiana Public Broadcasting: Countryside, Camping, Swampy Cave, Hot Air Balloon and Rabbits, Penguins, Underwater, Bugs, Moose

Event Idents


Dash inspects a shell that has a crab in it that grabs onto his nose.  Dot doesn't help.


Dash plays with a submarine in a bathtub.


Dash goes into a cave under a table.

Skipping Rocks 

Dot feels sad because she can't make any rocks skip in the water. Dash then gives her the rocks he would throw. The station logo then shows up.


Dot and Dash use their imaginations while in a box.


Dash throws a ball and imagines that it is a rocket ship with him inside it.


Dot and Dash look through binoculars at their house until they look at each other. They then start laughing and the station logo is seen.


Dot and Dash travel through different countries and pretend they see different types of cities and they pretend to fly a plane around.


Dash wakes up Dot early to see the sunrise.

Background Idents