Conneticut Public Television: Farm, Around PTV Park, Submarine

Georgia Public Television: Blimp (two versions), Hot Air Baloon, Graffiti

Idaho Public Telelvision: Farmer, Train, Prehistoric times

Iowa Public Television: Local

KAET in Phoenix: Hot Air Balloon, Truck

KCET in Las Angeles: Train, Hot Air Balloon, Submarine

KERA in Dallas: Blimp, Basketball, Farm, Train, Hot Air Balloon, Rocket, Artist, Phrehistoric Times, Greetings

KLVX in Las Vegas: Farm, Train, Prehistoric Times, Greetings

KPBS in San Diego: Basketball, Farm, Train

KTCA in Minneapolis: Blimp, Train, Rocket, Amusment, Prehistoric Times, Local

KUAT in Tuscon: Hot Air Balloon

Maryland Public Television: Blimp, Pernell and P Pet, Around PTV Park

South Carolina Public Television: Submarine, Prehistoric Times

South Dakota Public Television/Broadcasting: Greetings, Truck (two versions)

University of North Carolina Public Television: Basketball, Rocket, Submarine, Greetings

WCEU (now WDSC) in Daytona Beach: Blimp, Greetings

WETA in Arlington: Around PTV Park, Hot Air Balloon

WEDU in Tampa: Prehistoric Times

WFWA in Fort Wayne: Blimp

WGBH in Boston: Blimp, Hot Air Balloon, Artist, Truck, Around PTV Park Slanted Graffiti, Local

WGBY in Springfield (MA): Blimp

WGTE in Toledo: Dancing

WHYY in Philadelphia: Blimp, Hot Air Balloon, Slanted Graffiti

Wisconsin Public Television: Farm, Rocket

WLRN in Miami: Blimp, Basketball, Hot Air Balloon, Artist, Submarine, Greetings

WLVT in Allentown: Prehistoric Times, Local

WMFE (Now WUCF) in Orlando: Amusement park

WNED in Buffalo: Blimp, Farm, Rocket, Submarine, Prehistoric Times

WNET in Newark: Blimp (two versions), Basketball, Farm, Train, Rocket, Amusement Park Submarine, Prehistoric Times, Truck, Boats, Bumper Cars

WOSU in Colombus: Train, Prehistoric Times

WQED in Pittsburg: Blimp, Hot Air Balloon, Prehistoric Times, Truck

WSKG in Binghampton: Planes

WTTW in Chicago: Local

WVIZ in Cleveland: Blimp, Basketball, Rocket, Artist, Submarine, Prehistoric Times, Picnic, Piano, Magic Trick

WYES in New Orleans: Prehistoric Times, Train, Rocket

WDCN (Now WNPT) in Nashville: Hot Air Balloon, Submarine, Magic Trick, Truck

Station Identifications


You see a blimp with the stations logo on it. Stations: KERA 13 in Dallas, WHYY in Philadelphia, KTCA in Minneapolis, WGBH in Boston, WLRN in Miami, WCEU in Daytona Beach, Georgia Public TV, WNET 13 in Newark, WVIZ in Cleveland, WQED in Pittsburgh, WBGY in Springfield, Maryland Public TV, and WFWA in Fort Wayne.


The P Pals are having a game of basketball. Stations: WVIZ in Cleveland, WLRN in Miami, KPBS in San Diego, WNET in Newark, University of North Carolina TV, KERA in Dallas, and WVIZ in Cleveland.

Farmer P-Pal in Tractor

A farmer P Pal is seen on a tractor. Stations: KERA in Dallas, WNED in Buffalo, Idaho Public Television, KLVX in Las Vegas, Wisconsin Public Television (mirrored in Wisconsin Public Television) and Conneticut Public Television.


A train outruns a P Pet. Stations: KPBS in San Diego, KLVX in Las Vegas, WNET in New York City/Newark, KPBS in San Diego, KTCA in Minneapolis, WOSU in Columbus, KERA in Dallas, and KCET in Los Angeles.

Hot Air Balloon

Two P-pals go in a hot air balloon.WGBH in Boston, KAET in Phoenix, WLRN in Miami, Maryland Public TV, WQED in Pittsburgh, KTCA in Minneapolis, KUAT in Tuscon, KCET in Los Angeles, and WHYY in Philadelphia, and WDCN (now WNPT) in Nashville.


A rocket flies through the sky. Wisconsin Public Television, WNET in New York City, University of North Carolina Television, WVIZ in Cleveland, and KERA in Dallas (Rocket mirrored in WPT version.) WYES in New Orleans uses this ID too.

Amusement Park

P pals go on a carousel. WNET in New York City (it said Newark NJ in the ID though) and WMFE in Orlando


An artist paints a station logo. WLRN in Miami, WGBH in Boston, WVIZ in Cleveland, and KERA in Dallas.


A submarine is seen with the station's logo on it.University of North Carolina Public Television, KCET in Los Angeles, WMFE in Orlando, WNET in New York City, WLRN in Miami, WNED in Buffalo, and South Carolina Educational Television, and WDCN (now WNPT) in Nashville.

Prehistoric Times

A dinosuar is seen with the station logo on it. Stations: KERA in Dallas, WEDU in Tampa, WMFE in Orlando, KLVX in Las Vegas, WTTW in Chicago, Idaho Public Television, WLVT In Allentown, WNED in Buffalo, WOSU in Columbus, KTCA in Minneapolis, WVIZ in Cleveland, WQED in Pittsburgh, and WYES in New Orlean


Pinky decides to greet all of her friends while holding a peice of cardboard.South Dakota Public Broadcasting, WMVS in Milwaukee, WLRN in Miami, WCEU in Daytona Beach, University of North Carolina Public Television, KLVX in Las Vegas, and KERA in Dallas


A P-pal races a truck. Was used by: South Dakota Public Television, WVIZ in Cleveland, WQED in Pittsburgh, KAET in Phoenix, WGBH in Boston, WNET in Newark, and WDCN (now WNPT) in Nashville.

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