Station List

  • Conneticut Public Television: Farm, Around PTV Park, Submarine
  • Georgia Public Television: Blimp (two versions), Hot Air Balloon, Slanted Graffiti
  • Idaho Public Telelvision: Farmer, Train, Prehistoric times
  • Iowa Public Television: Local
  • KAET in Phoenix: Hot Air Balloon, Truck
  • KCET in Los Angeles: Train, Hot Air Balloon, Submarine
  • KERA in Dallas: Blimp, Basketball, Farm, Train, Hot Air Balloon, Rocket, Artist, Prehistoric Times, Greetings
  • KLVX in Las Vegas: Farm, Train, Prehistoric Times, Greetings
  • KPBS in San Diego: Basketball, Farm, Train
  • KTCA in Minneapolis: Blimp, Train, Rocket, Amusment, Prehistoric Times, Local
  • KUAT in Tuscon: Hot Air Balloon
  • Maryland Public Television: Blimp, Pernell and P Pet, Around PTV Park
  • South Carolina Public Television: Submarine, Prehistoric Times
  • South Dakota Public Television/Broadcasting: Greetings, Truck (two versions)
  • University of North Carolina Public Television: Basketball, Rocket, Submarine, Greetings
  • WCEU (now WDSC) in Daytona Beach: Blimp, Greetings
  • WETA in Arlington: Around PTV Park, Hot Air Balloon
  • WEDU in Tampa: Prehistoric Times
  • WFWA in Fort Wayne: Blimp
  • WGBH in Boston: Blimp, Hot Air Balloon, Artist, Truck, Around PTV Park, Slanted Graffiti, Local
  • WGBY in Springfield (MA): Blimp
  • WGTE in Toledo: Dancing
  • WHYY in Philadelphia: Blimp, Hot Air Balloon, Slanted Graffiti
  • Wisconsin Public Television: Farm, Rocket
  • WLRN in Miami: Blimp, Basketball, Hot Air Balloon, Artist, Submarine, Greetings
  • WLVT in Allentown: Prehistoric Times, Local
  • WMFE (Now WUCF) in Orlando: Amusement Park, Hot air Balloon, Around PTV Park
  • WNED in Buffalo: Blimp, Farm, Rocket, Submarine, Prehistoric Times
  • WNET in Newark: Blimp (two versions), Basketball, Farm, Train, Rocket, Amusement Park Submarine, Prehistoric Times, Truck, Boats, Bumper Cars, Slanted Graffiti, Outer Space, Local
  • WOSU in Colombus: Train, Prehistoric Times
  • WQED in Pittsburg: Blimp, Hot Air Balloon, Prehistoric Times, Truck
  • WSKG in Binghampton: Planes
  • WTTW in Chicago: Local
  • WVIZ in Cleveland: Blimp, Basketball, Rocket, Artist, Submarine, Prehistoric Times, Picnic, Piano, Magic Trick, Truck
  • WYES in New Orleans: Prehistoric Times, Train, Rocket
  • WDCN (Now WNPT) in Nashville: Hot Air Balloon, Submarine, Magic Trick, Truck, Tugboat
  • WLJT in Jackson (Tennessee): Blimp, Local
  • Alabama Public Television: Kazoo Kid
  • Kentucky Educational Television: K-Kid
  • Louisiana Public Broadcasting: Truck, Movie Making
  • KNCT in Belton: Blimp

Station Identifications


You see a blimp with the stations logo on it.


The P Pals are having a game of basketball.

Farmer P-Pal in Tractor

A farmer P Pal is seen on a tractor.


A train outruns a P Pet.

Hot Air Balloon

Two P-pals go in a hot air balloon.


A rocket flies through the sky.

Amusement Park

P pals go on a carousel. WNET in New York City (it said Newark NJ in the ID though) and WMFE in Orlando

Around PTV Park

PTV Park is seen from an aerial view


A P-Pal rides a plane


A suspiciously P-pal shaped submarine is seen with the station's logo on it.

Prehistoric Times

A dinosaur is seen with the station logo on it.


A P-Pal is painting a picture in Paris. Suddenly, another P-Pal comes up from the sewer.


Pinky decides to greet all of her friends while holding a piece of cardboard.

Bumper Cars

P-Pals Bumped into Cars. 


P-Pals Race on Boats. 


A P-Pal and a truck race 


A Tugboat was seen with the station's logo on it and a P-Pal drive the boat.


A van is seen with the station logo on it.