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Opening and Closing to Barney in Concert 2005 VHS Homemade

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Here are the fake opening and closing to Barney in Concert 2005 VHS Homemade.


  1. FBI Warning Screen
  2. Interpol Warning Screen
  3. HIT Entertainment Logo (2001-2006)
  4. Barney a helping hand for growing children Promo
  5. Barney Home Video Logo (1995-present)
  6. Barney & the Backyard Gang Intro


  1. End Credits
  2. Just Imagine Trailer
  3. Bob the Builder: Getting the Job Done! Trailer
  4. The Wiggles: Live Hot Potatoes! Trailer
  5. Angelina Ballerina Videos Trailer
  6. Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines Trailer
  7. ToddWorld: Come on Over to My House Trailer
  8. Fraggle Rock: Live By the Rule of the Rock Trailer
  9. Kipper: Puppy Love Trailer
  10. Frances Videos Trailer
  11. HIT Entertainment Logo (2001-2006)

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