PBS Kids released many Ready to Learn bumpers in 1999. 8 are PBS Kids programming related while 8 are early learning oriented. They are all live-action, with some animation and puppetry. Many people claimed to have been freaked out by these bumpers while others feel nostalgic for them. Some of the bumpers, such as Bear and Friends, are really rare and extremely hard to find recordings of. The bumpers include:

Alphabet: Children reveal letters on their shirts.

Stomach Dance Party: A boy eats ice cream, then invites other foods to his stomach.

Beginning Middle End: Three long creatures show their beginnings, middles, and ends.

Same Everything: Pairs of people that have the same thing matching.

Mystery Box: Kids imagine what's inside.

Sheamus: A one man band entertains a park.

Who Likes Puppies?: Two girls (one being a picture) say how they feel about puppies.

Bear and Friends: A bear sits with kids at a campfire. This bumper is extremely rare to find. 

Clifford Hide and Seek: Kids play hide and seek

DW and Arthur On the web: Arthur, DW, and a few other kids learn about the internet. This bumper is extremely rare to find.

Between the Lions Imagination Lunch: Leona and a bunch of kids had a salad with a lot of stuff that is not food.

Dragon Tales Ask for Help: Ord sings a song about asking for help.

Arthur Action Pig: A superhero pig is the main focus of a story, featuring Arthur.

Clifford Teamwork: Kids work together to get Clifford out of a tube. This bumper is extremely rare to find.

Between The Lions Sleepover: A girl tells us what she and Leona did on a sleepover.

Dragon Tales Pizza Party: Kids and Lorca have pizza, yet Lorca's choice of toppings is a bit odd.

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