Mrs. Winks delivered a package. Piggley found out it's a camera. He started to take funny pictures like Ferny lifting an anvil at Don Toro's workshop, Molly riding in a tractor (with Dannan waving a feather), even Ferny and Dannan surprised by Hector. Piggley spots Wiley. He took a picture of him. Wiley knew that Piggley took a picture of him. He thought he was going to be famous. Then Piggley took a picture of Ferny standing on Molly which was just a wall. Ferny wants Piggly to take a picture of him. But when Ferny ripped his pants showing his underwear, Piggley took a picture of that. Ferny wants him to tear the picture. Piggly was at the photo shop looking at all the photos he took then he saw Ferny's underwear. He thought it was very funny. Meanwhile, Wiley wants Piggley to take another picture of him. But he thinks he shouldn't be on the radio because no one can see him on the radio (even if they sit real close). Piggley was at the bridge. Dannan surprised him which made the wind blow the embarrassing photo. Piggley and Dannan saw the picture with a goat and was going to eat it (which was much better than tearing it). The goat spitted out the picture into the lake. Hector was fishing he found the picture and he started to laugh at it. Hector showed everyone the picture at school. Suddenly, Piggley knew that it was his picture. Ferny was angry. Piggley made a BIG mistake. At home, Piggley and Molly cut out Piggley's head from the picture he took. Then he placed it on Ferny's face to let everybody know that Piggley has torn his pants then no body would notice the difference. But the head fell off of the picture. The next morning, everybody looked at the newspaper and they saw Ferny's torn pants. Don Toro talks to Ferny that laughing could be okay. Then they heard something. It was a parade with Piggley, Molly, and Dannan with a giant balloon of Ferny. They wanted to forgive Ferny. But when Piggley tried to apolgize to Ferny, the wind blew the balloon away. When it landed on a sharp point, it deflated. Hector and everyone else knew Ferny's pants have been torn again. Piggley was flying everywhere with the balloon while everybody was laughing. then Piggley ended up landing in the mud. Everybody was laughing at him. Ferny knew it was fun too so he jumped in the mud with Piggley. They knew it was very good to laugh.

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