In September 2000, Playmates released a Arthur toyline to fill in for Playskool (which in the same year, discontinued all Arthur toys they've made). The line was released July 2000 at participating Toys "R" Us stores, until the toys were available at all retailers beginning September of the very same year.

Items available:

For 2000:


  • 16-inch Arthur plush with VHS assortment: 2 years the assortment was released: 2000, Baseball Player Arthur (with Arthur Makes the Team VHS, 1998 by Sony Wonder/Random House), Buster Baxter (with Arthur's First Sleepover VHS, 1998), Paige Turner (with Arthur's Lost Library Book VHS, 1997), Arthur the Four Eyes (with Arthur's Eyes VHS, 1997); 2001, Mr. Ratburn (with Arthur's Teacher Trouble VHS, 1997).
  • RC Roll 'N Bump Reads Car: Includes a remote which can control a car & stop when the car is bumped.

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