Previews for Dance Workout with Vanellope by Walt Disney.

Opening to Dance Workout with Vanellope

1. Cyan FBI Warning

2. Disney Home Entertainment Logo

3. ABC Kidvision Logo

4. Warning For Execising

5. Bunea Vista Logo

6. Opening to the show.


(The opening starts with the Cyan (The color that matches Vanellope's jacket as seen in Wreck It Ralph) FBI Warning screen, Then the Disney Home Entertainment Logo, The intro also has the ABC Kidvision Logo)

Fix It Felix (Off Screen): Exercise is not without it's risks, and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury to your child, consult your doctor before beginning this exercise program. The instruction and advice presented are in no way intended as a subsitute for medical counseling, and for the producers and distributors of this program disclaim liability from, and in connection with, this program.

(Screen fades out)

Vanellope Von Schweetz: Welcome to Dance Workout with me, Vanellope Von Schweetz. This professionally designed program offers a safe, 60 Minute routine of light impact dance aerobics for Kids ages 5 and up. Now, It may take some time to catch on to all the dances in the beginning -- That's normal. Make sure kids do the warm up and cool down as directed, and also see that they drink plenty of water. Remember, Athletic Shoes are worn at all times. I recommend that parents supervice their kids during the first few viewings, teaching them to clear their exercise space from any hazards such as slippery floor rugs, furniature and other objects. Your child will be rewarded from exercising with me and to help you with most out of this program.

(Screen fades out)

(Then we see the Bunea Vista logo)

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