Sensit is a purple lemuroid creature inhabiting [[1]].


Sensit Stock


Stories Featuring Sensit

Meeting Sensit

Sensit leaps out of a zango bush as [(Character)|Zoboo] leaps through Zobooland. Zoboo thinks Sensit must be scary because of his appearance and his nocturnal activity. Zoboo decides to stay up with Sensit, and they both play Slide-Down-the-Sleeping-Zoboomafoosaurus and leap on Gooble. Zoboo finds out that Sensit is not scary after all.

Sensit the Lemur

Zoboo bumps into Sensit while leaping through Zobooland. Sensit is sad because he doesn’t know what kind of creature he is. Zoboo informs him that he’s a lemur. He shows him several of his lemur characteristics, including leaping. They spend the rest of the day leaping around Zoboomafoosaurus.

Sensit's Sense Test

Zoboo runs into Sensit while leaping through Zobooland. Sensit wants to test his senses by playing hide and seek. Zoboo hides by camouflaging himself next to a striped tree. Sensit can smell and hear Zoboo, but can’t see him, so he thinks the Striped Tree is talking. They laugh for the rest of the day.

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