Super Rexy: Volume 3 is a Caillou Puppets DVD with 29 episodes of Super Rexy: The Animated Series.

Disc One

  1. Shadow of the Scarecrow, Part I
  2. Shadow of the Scarecrow, Part II
  3. Blind as a Mask
  4. The Cobra's Search, Part I
  5. The Cobra's Search, Part II
  6. Read My Book
  7. Mystery from Olympics
  8. Trial
  9. Heroes
  10. Birds & Dogs
  11. The Bear Gets Lost
  12. The Lost Mystery
  13. A Bullet for Rupert Bear
  14. The Avatar
  15. The Terrible Batman
  16. Arnoldvision
  17. Time Out of Trouble
  18. Monsterwalk
  19. Bigpaw
  20. Scooby-Doo
  21. The Bird & the Monkey
  22. The Showdown
  23. Gilbert's Reform
  24. Second Mystery
  25. Batman's Holiday
  26. Killer Croc
  27. Make 'Em Wiggle
  28. Deep Legends
  29. Catwoman Returns

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