The Cookie Crisis is an episode of Cookie Jar Entertainment's Wimzie's House.

In this episode, Wimzie and Jonas accidentally drop Rousso's cookie tin and then lie about it, and they regret that they're going to be in so much more trouble than if they'd told the truth in the first place. Rousso sneezes whenever anyone says "Rose". They eventually tell the truth.


  • Sonia Ball ... Wimzie/Bo
  • Gregory Chico ... Jonas
  • Christopher Cenesue ... Rousso
  • Renee Zellweger ... Yaya
  • Larry Greene ... Horace
  • Edward James Olmos ... Narrator/Mr. Fireman


  • "Yee! Haw!"
  • "Tell The Lies"

Note: This is the first episode on the Wimzie's House DVD, A World of Enchantment, from Mill Creek Entertainment.

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