The Puzzle Place is a show from 1994-1998. Several episode of it are lost.

Its about 6 kids named Julie, Kiki, Ben, Leon, Skye, and Jody.

They have daily life lessons.

Theme Song

I know something, JULIE, that I want to share.

I know somewhere, KIKI, let me take you there

Come along with me to find it, BEN, it's everywhere.

Lets get goin', LEON, don't wanna be too late.

Got a feeling, SKYE, things will work out great.

Come on everybody, JODY, let's celebrate.

The Puzzle Place, The Puzzle Place.

We're goin' to The Puzzle Place.

Sizzle and Nuzzle are a double treat, and the Piece Police are on the beat.

The Puzzle Place, The Puzzle Place.

We're goin' to the Puzzle Place.'

And if you're a kid, you've got the key.

Let's get goin' to the puzzle, puzzle,

The Puzzle Place, The Puzzle Place,

We're goin' to the Puzzle Place!


Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Viewers Like You

Norris Foundation

Edison International

IBM Corporation

Chef Jr. by Chef Boyardee


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