In 1999, Tyco Preschool released many toys based on the Playhouse Disney show, PB&J Otter. This is the only time a Disney series was made into a toyline by Tyco Preschool (Tyco Preschool is a subsidiary of Mattel, & that company created Pooh/Mickey toys at the same time) & also the only time that Mattel created a Disney toyline in 1999.

Toys included for 1999:

  • Run 'N Crash Scootch Raccoon: 16-inch Scootch plush which yells "YAAAAH!" like in the show & when runs into something, makes some sounds or his 'sorry' mumble
  • Talking Otter Assortment: Available in Peanut, Baby Butter or Jelly; say over 60 phrases & can talk wth the person or each other
  • Good Clean Fun Assortment: Wear two sponges on their feet & scoot around to "clean the floor"; available in Peanut or Jelly
  • Snooze'N Magical Baby Butter Otter: Try to put Butter to sleep by doing something that can lull him into sleep
  • Boat House Playset: Replica of the Otter family's boathouse. The figures can slide down the slide to break out of the door

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