Wiley is the husband of Shirley, the father of Little Baa, a sheep on Raloo Farm and a character in Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks. He is voiced by Mel Brooks.

Wiley's Bio

A legend in his own mind, Wiley was imported from America to Raloo Farm. He's much more hip and aware than any of the sheep around him and tries every trick in the book to get the flock to loosen up a little - sing, dance, anything besides standing around chewing grass all the time, following along like well, sheep. But here's Wiley's little secret: Though he sometimes gets exasperated with his sheepish followers he hides a soft spot for them under his wise guy exterior.


  • His favourite game is any game.
  • His favourite music is Irish jigs.
  • His favourite food is anything but grass
  • His favourite colour is purple.

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