ZOOM! The Movie: Arcoss The 4th Balloon is a VHS/DVD Relase from PBS Kids, Warner Bros Pictures, and Nelvana. {The polar bear shines the "NELVANA" logo, the Yogi Bear theme song with the lyrics: "Who keeps cool when things are hot? with the "NELVANA PRESENTS logo, the logo for "ZOOM! THE MOVIE: ARCOSS THE 44TH BALLOON, "Yogi bear!" and the "Who believes the world may dream. But always winds up on the beam? Yogi bear!" with the "A PBS KIDS PROUDCTION" logo.} TIMMY: Welcome back! WII: can we looking for a balloon? Great! Let's all say "Let's Go!" in a loudly voice. Ready? TIMMY, WII, LISA, AND STEPHANIE: Let's go! LISA: Good job! TIMMY: To the Movies! {They all walk in.} WII: We're here! TIMMY: Can I have some popcorns for you, Molly and Gill? MOLLY AND GILL: Yes! MOLLY: The show will start in 3 minutes. We're going to watch a Franklin episode, "Franklin Plays the Game". Hope you enjoy! {Molly and Gill walked in the hall.} TIMMY: Yay! It's starting. {Bruce Cockburn sings the "Franklin" theme song, and the title card for "FRANKLIN PLAYS THE GAME", Franklin hold his scoocer ball to look in the mirror, They all play scoocer. They slid down the mud, and all said, "Yay, Team!" TIMMY: We found the balloon!

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