Zoboomafoo "Zoboo" the Lemur (or simply known as "Zob") is the Kratt Brothers' new sidekick and friend in Zoboomafoo with the Kratt Brothers. He is a cute, clumsy, naïve, silly, nice, pleasant, leaping, little lemur, who likes to bounce and play.

Zoboo was originally from Madagascar. But he loves to explore -- which is how he ends up at Animal Junction each day. Everything there is strange and new to Zoboo. Since he grew up in such an isolated place, he has never met creatures from other parts of the world. Just like a preschooler, Zoboo has never encountered animals (like pelicans, jaguars, gazelles, or salamanders. So, he is just as amazed and excited as a kid when he meets an animal for the very first time.

Zoboo has a bit of anxiety (he gets scares very easily, and every time he gets startled, he jumps high in the air, goes flying, and lands in mud, and gets it all over his face).

Zoboo has white and brown fur with black skin, yellow eyes, and a long tail.

Zoboo has the ability to wiggle his ears.

Zoboo, though smart, can be a bit of a goofball and a bit clueless at times.

Zoboo also laughs a lot.

Zoboo's catch phrases are "Mangatsika!", "I can't believe my mind!", and "Wah-ha!".

At the beginning of each episode, Zoboo is called by the Kratt Brothers, and leaps out of his tree and starts leaping towards Animal Junction to reach the Kratt Brothers. Zoboo then lands on the window, and then, Chris and Martin greet him. Zoboo then starts leaping all over Animal Junction like a hyper lemur. Then, the Kratt Brothers decide to give him a snack to slow him down. They get the food from the Snack Machine. They then tell Zoboo that they got food for him, then Zoboo leaps onto the turntable. They then give him the snack. Zoboo then starts eating it. After he eats the food, he burps (in slow-motion), and then says, "Excuse me!"'. Then, the lemur starts zooming around on the turntable very fast while shouting, "ZOBOOMAFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!". Then, Zoboo leaps off the turntable, and laughs, "Wah-ha!". And then, the lemur turns into a talking lemur puppet.

At the end of each episode, Zoboo starts singing, Animal Friends Song, along with the Kratt Brothers at the end. Then, Zoboo leaps out of Animal Junction and turns back into a regular lemur and starts leaping back to his home. Then, the Kratt Brothers also leave Animal Junction to go somewhere. Then, some kids have a very short interview with the camera, and introduce their pets. Then, the Kratt Brothers have an interview, and say that you should never get close to an animal you don't know, and remember to always give an animal her space. Then, Jackie comes on, and tells the camera, "And if you're a kid, you should never get close to an animal, unless an adult says it's okay." Then, Martin looks through the binoculars, and exclaims, "Hey, there's somebody we all know!", then they all shout, "ZOBOOMAFOO!". Then, Zoboo looks at the trio, and then leaps off.

Zoboo has a special insight, that he calls his "lemur sense", that helps us better understand what the Animal Friends are thinking. But before he says a word, he always has to have a snack ("Snacktime before talktime!").

When Zoboo learns a new word, he tastes ity. He rolls it around in his mouth and plays with it ("Por-cu-pine... porcu-pine... porcupine!", or "Kangar-oo... kan-ga-roo... kangaroo.

Zoboo loves naming his new Animal Friends. He usually gets to know them a little at first, and then gives them a name, based on one of their unique characteristics.

Zoboo . He is voiced by Gord Robertson.

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